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The patient claimed he believed his relationship with Ms Ledner had changed in 'that I was playing the role of counsellor', rather than the patient.

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Emeritus Professor Pasuk Phongpaichit from Thailand's prestigious Chulalongkorn University gives heavy-hearted advice on the country's political resolution while the

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Hit-run case Brisbane Doctor Peter Dunne exchanged tense words with the man accused of running him down, police will allege.

On 7 May Laws made a statement on the 20th anniversary special edition of the ABC's Media Watch program, in which he exhibited no remorse for his role in the best product for curly hair Cash-for-Comment scandal, instead implying that the whistleblower Media Watch was the wrongdoer and that the people involved were only jealous of his success.

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An NHS doctor and a top chef reveal their low-carb diet plan that could transform your life as it did for these four happy patients!

She said wedding and engagement rings had gone missing from her home.

Together they're working to "put women at the centre" of an industry dominated by men.