Do girls like guys with acne. Being with a "confident" guy is necessary if they are going to "have a good time" which is basically what I think relationships are about for elderly women porn pics lot of people especially young people.

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I always have off and on a few small ones on my face.

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I swear to god I was the only person there with any skin problems

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So you need to realize how good you have it.

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I was so confident and happy with my clear skin.

And if your need for "a girlfriend" ultimately comes down to being about sex then why not just be open about that with someone close to you and keep things from being complicated?

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Well enough ramble for now.

Like When I have a little white head.

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All the guys I have dated have been so good looking with perfect skin that it made me so self consious sp?

One day, I was hopeful.

I know this question has probably been asked before but I was wondering about the girls perspective on guys with acne.