Diy facial mist for acne prone skin. You could honestly stop at the tea and have an excellent facial mist refrigerate it first to cool itbut it's much more fun to customize yours, and the extra ingredients are what make these DIY facial mists smell so good.

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Remove the petals from your roses, separating them from the stem and shaking out any stamen that might have gotten caught up in the petals.

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Just as sonic cleansing brushes hit the shelves about a decade ago, so came the hotly-debated borneo sex among skin-care professionals as to whether they.

When you make your own facial mist, you can help rebalance this problem by introducing slightly acidic properties back into the skin.

Contrary to popular belief, all skin types need a toner.

Directions Place water, lavender oil and witch hazel in your spray bottle.

I love the floral fragrance of the roses, so I added 2 medium sized rose flower petals to the water.

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