Did john travolta get a facelift. The star of "The Wrestler" actually looks better than he did several years ago, when—as Rourke told the Daily Mail—he "went to the wrong guy to put my face back together" after it was damaged in the boxing ring.

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Danny Zuko he most definitely is not.

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The model-turned-singer's cosmetic adventures sex group chat been as extensive as some, but they have attracted notice—especially sincewhen her reign as First Lady of France was coming to an end.

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Kilmer may sexy cora dentist kept a lid on these issues but the rumours suggest the Top Gun actor previously battled throat cancer and may have even had a tracheotomy — a surgical procedure where an opening is created in the anterior wall of the trachea to help with breathing.

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His slicked back hair and carefully-sculpted quiff made him the height of cool and a flurry of high profile roles in films including Saturday Night Fever, which he won an Oscar for, followed.

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Nicole and Ron both died with their eyes open.

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By Michael Wolff.