Dealing with a sexless marriage. A friend who had been a reflexologist gave me her tips on where to focus to relax him.

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When it goes, then other thoughts kick in like loss of attractiveness and so on, and things can go downhill in a vicious circle.

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There are ways to achieve sexual satisfaction without exactly indulging in the act.

It is precisely the " affection, you know the playful kind that makes you feel special and comforted " that would have ended up intimacy and as such is advice couple married sex as it will bring that inability into focus and in all probability cause hurt and maybe dissent.

We can reassure them and they we enjoy cuddles and affection hot photosex the the thought of failure again makes them stop trying.

Rule out any health problems before you begin talking about what could be happening emotionally.

I never get that, i feel so lonely inside and im going into a depression because of it.

But for others, it can really impact on their emotional wellbeing and the quality of their relationship as a whole.