Dating rrsrr. Exemplary heterocyclo groups include heteroaromatics as described above.

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The aldehyde is typically introduced in an amount ranging from about 1.

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Phenyl and substituted phenyl are the more preferred aryl.

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Hydrocodone and hydromorphone were also subjected to the reduction by hydrogen transfer.

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The process of any one of claims 1 to 4, wherein lowery sex alkylating reagent comprises allyl bromide.

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The term "acyl," as used herein alone or as part of another group, denotes the moiety formed by removal of the hydroxy group from the group COOH of an organic carboxylic acid, e.

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In some embodiments, R 17 is a hydrocarbyl or substituted hydrocarbyl containing teen squirting pics 1 and 20 carbon atoms, more preferably between 1 and 6 carbon atoms.

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