Dangerous ways to lose weight. Are there any other fad diets that should have made the list?

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Make sure you stick to the recommended five-ounce serving to reap the antioxidant benefits without widening your waistline.

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Cotton Ball Diet Some people will even go beyond simply starving themselves to get thin.

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H ere are 8 ways people adopt to lose weight and the drawbacks 1.

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It's still under investigation by the FDA and not available for sale in the U.

For example, you can substitute white flour for protein- and fiber-rich pulse flour or swap chocolate chips for carob chips when baking at home.

Very low calorie diets, when used outside a medical setting, often restrict calories in an attempt to lose weight quickly.

Weight Loss.

One of the more physically repulsive diets that has become popular recently, especially with brides and summer beach goers, is the K-E diet.

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According the National Center of Eating Disorders, even regulated anorexic tendencies can cause permanent damage.

Dating as far back as the s, this fad diet still retains some level of popularity.