Complete penetration sex. We know you must be frustrated, but before you seek a specialist, here are some possible causes of your difficulties, and we have expert advice on what you can do to get on the road to a pleasurable sexual experience.

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A child below the statutory age of consent generally cannot consent to acts involving sexual penetration.

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It is necessary to make sure that a woman is very aroused and to open the channels of communication between partners to make cervical stimulation a more comfortable and pleasurable experience.

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This allows you to control the speed and depth of movement, while giving you maximum domination.

Communication with your partner is key to having a good sex life whether that means telling him to slow down, ease up on those deep thrusts or to provide more oral sex before initial penetration.

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Having a partner back off or avoid deep penetration can help to relieve discomfort.

This can make deep penetration more comfortable.

Put it over your eyes and let your partner explore your body.