Capricorn man taurus woman break up. He reopens many of my msgs rereading them 2 times sometimes up to 5 times.

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I'm losing heart.

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He doesn't want to do the long distance relationship because he considers it "unnatural", which I agree with, but I feel like it's also his tendency to get jealous and not trust me over here even though he could and should trust me.

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Although breakups between the two seem unlikely, they are horrendously painful and drawn-out as both partners are quite attached.

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I am stubborn however my Capricorn lover helps me see the light of things and keeps me centered.

Capricorn Male here and I have come to realize that I do have a hard time expressing my emotions and instead I speak with actions and not with words when in a relationship.

This will allow you to prepare for how you will handle the situation as it plays out, analyzing it first from a non-emotional perspective.

Under circumstances, it can be a flawless relationship.

I am a Capricorn male who found the most amazing Taurean woman.