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Burma girl sex. A year-old girl, for instance, said soldiers dragged her out of her hut, tied her to a tree, and then raped her.

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These stories demonstrate patterns of continuing widespread, and systematic human rights….

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The ethnic minorities from Myanmar working in Thailand were also found to have the lowest education in all minor workers surveyed, at about 1.

The government has done little to help international organizations assess the scope of the problem.

The government has yet to address the systemic political and economic problems that cause the people of Myanmar to seek employment through both legal and illegal means in neighboring countries.

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In the past we just left for a short time…We thought once the Myanmar army stopped firing we could go back.

When I woke up, I heard the train and recognized that I was on the train.

The practice of the Burmese Army to execute village heads has led to traditional Karen culture being turned upside-down, with women….

One year-old girl who had been gang raped said her family had been taunted so much when their camp neighbours found out, that her brother ticklish vegeta sex told her to kill herself.