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The structure present in the succession of giggles notes in a bout is rich, almost musical, and potentially very informative.

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Giggles and the spotted hyena's repertoire:

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Nevertheless, we observed that hyenas were giggling rather as a result of frustration we kept the bone or the piece of meat out of their reach than of harassment or chase.

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Thus and in spite of instabilities in their frequency spectrum [ 71 ], whoops might be more reliable labels of individual identity than giggles over long distances.

Pointing fingers and rotating arms forward complete this move.

The likelihood was obtained by estimating the probability of the possible fundamental frequencies given the relative size of the peaks in the cepstrum or STFT.

Within spotted hyena clans, there are separate male and female dominance hierarchies, but all females, and their sub-adult offspring, totally dominate all adult immigrant males.

Field researchers have observed that these vocalizations are often produced during food contests, by animals that are prevented from securing access to the kill by the intervention of higher ranking individuals.

An experimental study of Arctocephalus tropicalis.