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They love to test drive things and be involved in a demonstration so that they can 'grasp the idea'.

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Staring is generally done with eyes wider than usual, prolonged attention to something and with reduced blinking.

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Most men are completely unaware that women look at the condition of the back of his shoes as he walks out.

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If you talk to yourself too much, or make yourself depressed by looking down, make it a habit to put your eyes some place else.

Marilyn Monroe was a master using pre-orgasmic expressions and body language, understanding at least subconsciously how to access men's emotional core.

Some women are disappointed that, in a supposedly equal business world, men still do this, but hidden cameras show this to be a fact of business life whether we like it or not.

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When looking at a person normally, the gaze is usually at eye level or above see eye contactbelow.

If surprised mommy sex walk upright with larger movements, swinging your arms and legs and having your front open, you will project that you could defend yourself if necessary and so are less likely to be attacked.

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