Bloodclot after sex. Dryness is among the most common causes of postcoital bleeding.

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Bleeding after sex is also known as postcoital bleeding, and this is bleeding which occurs after intercourse which is not related to menstruation.

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These include infection, vaginal trauma due to dryness, cervical polyps, menopause, and cancer.

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In this process, damaged cells are frozen and killed.

Talk with a doctor any time postcoital bleeding is severe, frequent, or continues for more than a few hours after intercourse.

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Healthy Sex for Women Learn how safe sex, birth control options, and STD prevention can help you maintain a healthy sex life.

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It is important to attend your smear test, and HPV testing can be done at the same time.

And if your doctor doesn't make the conversation easy for you, maybe you should think about finding a new one.

Some people have differently shaped reproductive organs, which may increase the likelihood of painful friction and tearing.

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