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Best weightlifting shoes for men. The sides of these shoes are made of a thicker, more rigid material that will cling to the foot better.

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Unlike the Romaleos 2, this shoe has just one thick strap across the middle of the foot.

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The appropriate heel height varies from person to person.

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This heel overlay even sports a rubber outsole to avoid slipping as you lift.

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Suitable for heavy lifting, keeps feet comfortable, wide toe box for protection Cons:

While deadlifting, for example, shoes should act as a firm platform to push your feet against the ground, helping you to lift the barbell.

The best shoes for weightlifting should fit very securely, have dense heels at short heights, and provide you with enough support.

For instance, steady and heavy compound movements such as the deadlift are best performed with flat soles.

High top weightlifting shoes are great because they offer support for your ankles which prevents it from becoming stressed.

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The lightweight synthetic leather upper along with the instep strap provides optimal support.