Best places to travel alone men. Yes, friends, the picture is fuzzy for a reason.

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Plus most locals carry bear spray with them almost everywhere, with good reason.

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He can sit at the bar and eavesdrop on a new town, or become an instant celebrity with a round of shots and a single well-told joke.

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To make life there tolerable, the locals have become alarmingly good at making friends.

CopenhagenDenmark This laidback capital city makes a brilliant weekend destination for a solo traveller.

Brazil Brazil is the largest country in south America.

You can, and should, eat tapas upon tapas upon tapas and imbibe plenty of sangria.

A year after grad school, I bought a used bike and made my way around Belgium.

Filipino women are very kind, warm, and sexual.

The solo traveler is free, in short, which means he's free to make a heap of mistakes.

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Round out your trip by visiting Mozart's Birthplace and climbing rhinos sex the top of Hohensalzburg Fortress for unforgettable views of the city.