Best brand of vitamin b12. I anaphylaxed from wheat and began a journey of anaphylaxis and allergy testing and supplementation to heal my gut.

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Most vegans consume enough of these foods to avoid anemia and damage to the nervous system, but still, do not eat enough to meet the recommended daily levels.

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There are pills in the bottle so these will last a while.

My doc started me on this because of mysterious fatigue and my initial number was low.

By aSquared Nutrition.

This works great, and I had the blood test done to prove it!

NOW Liquid B12, 60ml.

A very small amount!

Methyl has also been shown to stay in the body longer amounts of time, therefore you may not need to take it as often or your body may be able to use it longer for the best benefits.

The chewable formulation of Vitafusion Extra Strength B12 means that it needs a lot of extra ingredients to give the gummies their texture.