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By performing these 30, 60 or different exercises with heavy resistance, you slowly tear, repair and build your muscles.

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What sets a home gym apart from other exercise equipment is that it builds muscle.

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Perform 21 Different Exercises - This all-in-one is versatile and allows for enough exercise options to cover whole-body workout.

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Heavy - The MWM weighs in at a solid, floor creaking lbs.

Lower the resistance and do higher reps to tone your muscles and feel great.

The system is more heavy duty than some that cost more.

The removable bench is a huge plusyou are not limited to using it with the machine, you can also use it for dumbbell exercises as you would with a normal bench.

The machines are well built, but they do have one disadvantage compared to standard weight machines.

Space Efficient - The PR will only need a x inch workout area, making it very portable compared to other home gym machines.