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While these may be true sometimes, it's important to remember that these are all anecdotal, and isn't a definitive way of determining the sex of your bearded dragon.

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The breeder should have detailed birth records that indicate the exact day your beardie was born.

In dragons, males are the ancestral homogametic sex, possessing two Z chromosomes, and females are heterogametic, with ZW sex chromosomes.

I was wondering the sex of my 3-year-old bearded dragon, whom we have been calling Spike.

Source If you are having trouble determining which sex you have, it can actually help a lot to take a small flashlight and shine some light through the tail.

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But the sex of the offspring resulting from this particular pairing is determined solely by incubation temperature, suggesting that some sort of sex lose self genetic change has occurred.

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If a female clownfish within a community dies, the most dominant male clownfish will turn into a female, while another male clownfish steps into the dominant role.