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I was willing to give my life for my Country and in return my Country has taken my soul and sanity.

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Even the trainees have more rights and resources than they once did.

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Iam glad I found this web site and grateful I got to post my story, my side of Brooke Army and my years afterward.

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He was one of the male company Drill Instructors before being appointed as acting 1st.

The panel recommends more resources and care go to selecting and training recruit trainers and to recruit more female trainers.

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Wherever they go, they are together.

I really want to help other MST survivors get well, once I am well.

Hi … Thank you for your service and thank you for writing this insightful and well written Blog.

No one wanted to be around me not even my own mom and brother who threatened to call the police if I showed up at their door.

Actually, nothing — except for shifting priorities and equivocal rationalizations that do not bode well for the Corps.

The Christian Science Monitor.