Bad girls club season 8 gia. Gabi invites some guys back into the house and all the girls go to a Mexican restaurant and the owners feel that Amy and one of Gabi's friends are engaged and give them a engagement cake.

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Tired of the drama, several of the Bad Girls attempt to call a truce with Elease.

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Amy has no problem seeking revenge on those she feels have wronged her from dumping trash on their beds to messing with their belongings.

The 'Original 6' make a pact against Elease, while former Bad Girls Nastasia and Tiara return to stir up a bit of their own drama.

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The girls are happy that Elease left and start talking about the events that just happen.

Elease's sister pays a visit to the house, much to the annoyance of the twins.

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Reunion Part 1.

Sickened by all the bad behavior, Mimi has a breakdown that makes Elease feel queasy.