Are the sex scenes in spartacus real. Imagine finding out that you just mystery-boned the person you hate the most in the entire world.

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And Rob felt, 'Well, this is something you can see anywhere on TV.

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Roots Irish rebel James Connolly deserves a statue in his Edinburgh birthplace, says historian.

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And, at first glance, the manipulative coupling of Spartacus and Roman brat Ilithyia wasn't all that bad.

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You should have to sit a test, or something.

Hey kids, meet Mr Missing Link, the dumb gorilla-faced leprechaun who stars in a new kid's movie.

I loved the Finale, wonderful to finally have some justice!

I don't have Starz but thinking about putting it on my Netlix list when it comes out.

But not just the woman fluffer for the guy, but also have a fluffer for the woman.

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I ask whether he had any sense of what it was going to be like when he signed up, and he shrugs:

But essentially, human beings haven't evolved very much.