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Many gay expatriates say they feel more at home in the kingdom than in their native lands.

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W hen I wrote last month about western stereotypes of Arab men, several commenters, including WeAreTheWorldsuggested that Arab stereotypes of western women would also be worth exploring.

Still, he opted to return; he loves his work in fashion, which pays decently, and the social opportunities are an added bonus.

Within minutes, I had more admirers than I could handle.

One is the Arab world.

Others think the cause may be genetic, due to the high rate of consanguineous marriages, which increase the likelihood of genetic defects being passed on to children.

The latter would explain the large number of small farmers turning up at Dr.

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Just as predictably, bigots determined to show how Islam restricts sexual freedom are also having a ball.

Like many gay and lesbian teenagers everywhere, he felt isolated.