Aquarius man said he loves me. There was no reply, got so worried and just wanted to hear him, that he is ok.

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I apologised multiple times, and sd it could have been better if I went by bus, atleast would have talked to someone sitting next to me.

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I think Aquarians are faithful men, they just have a curiosity about people and will chat to anyone, man or woman but it means nothing emotionally.

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It can be difficult even for the most tolerant woman to be with a guy like this.

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Aquarians are truth-junkies.

After all, you can see your entire birth chart online, and read interpretations for every planet, house and aspect.

Months after, bc I was still kinda peeved about it, I asked about the mysterious girl on his page and he sent me two pages:

He shared deeply personal things right away.

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Mine is mr Y.

Anyhow, this was 3 yrs ago.