American sex gladiators. The females featured were silver basketball medalist Nancy Liebermansilver and gold and gold track and field medalist Alice Brownand gold and silver speed skating medalist Cathy Turner.

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For the first season and the preliminary rounds of the competition, contenders received two points for passing each Gladiator for a total of eight, and then two more for breaking through a wall at the end after pornstar sex orgies the last Gladiator.

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Originally, hot as fuck sex head starts were carried over and both men and women contenders received ten seconds with the exception of a brief spell in season four when fifteen seconds were given.

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A referee wearing an executioner costume appeared during the first half of the first season portrayed by former football player Jeff Benson.

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Larry Thompson a former Pacific Football referee took over for season two in and remained until the series ended in

The men, meanwhile, were beefed-up and hyper-aggressive.