Amazin sex positions. If you're having trouble holding it in enough to pull off some of the techniques below, find out how you can last longer in bed.

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The CAT is very similar to the missionary position except your body is positioned farther up and to one side.

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If you are strong, you can support your weight on one hand and use your free hand to gently push the hood of skin over her clitoris upwards.

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She straddles you placing her knees at your ears.

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She can control the angle of penetration here, and the man gets a great view of her from behind.

Arguably, this is an advantage if you suffer from premature ejaculation.

The contrast between soft flesh of the tongue and hard bone of the finger will create a pleasing sensation.

Descend slowly until you're basically folding her in half.

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She lies on her back and raises her legs.

Another option is for her to stand on the floor and sit back onto your erect penis.

She straddles you placing her knees at your ears.

I just feel too shy and nervous to ever do anything.