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Age of conan unrated. Friggin GW2 is more F2P than any of these games, and much better as a game too.

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Players will get a chance to see live-action characters in the digital world — as well as download an adventure pack that plays alongside the narrative of the film — bringing them all together as one big barbaric family.

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They came, they fought, they conquered.

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I love the site but this is just wrong to put these games into F2P category.

I also like how brutal the game is, it makes you feel that the swords are made of steel and do actual damage to your target and not Nerf weapons that puts sim date rpg games to sleep after so many hitpoints are reached.

Guild who using siege hacks to win the battles or to crash to avoid the defeat.

SuperKooo is clueless and just wanted to throw a fit like a 2 year old.

The game is awesome and is much better than WoW for sure i played WoW too so not being biased here.

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Saga of Blood Ends February

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This includes the movie tie-in adventure pack announced yesterday, that will introduce content and characters from the upcoming 'Conan the Barbarian' movie.