Advertisments for sex. The more favorable evaluation of "same sex" stimuli by women would indicate that their use would be more appropriate for female than male products.

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First, the role of sexually-oriented advertising stimuli may be more clearly understood through the theoretical constructs discussed in this paper.

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Due to their disparity, each study can best be analyzed in the context of the major question it addresses.

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Other female viewers, who are not cognizant of a manipulative intent and whose values are consistent with the model's role, may respond favorably to the same ad.

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Although a relatively small number of people do not fit this generalization, the vast majority is either distinctively male or female.

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The use of sex in advertising has been criticized for its tendency to reinforce sexist stereotypes.

Contrary to prior expectations, mildly erotic stimuli most frequently decreased subsequent aggressive behavior by subjects angered by a confederate Baron, ; Frodi, ; Baron and Bell, ; Donnerstein et al.

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It's a fact that sex sells.

Especially in a routinized sex short movies nearly routinized buying decision, such an advertising communication would not indicate that the advertised product would meet the consumer's rather well-defined set of choice criteria.