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Top 10 books for men. That lens disregards the sentimental threads of adulthood, causing them to unleash a ferocity upon men who betray their glory in the name of love.

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By the end, thousands of years later, humanity has passed through a second Renaissance, rediscovered the extreme dick sex technology of old and looks set to use it again.

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Every dystopian and utopian novel has its roots in The Republic and as you read it, you are sure to see the marrow that connects it to everyday existence, even thousands of years later.

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James imagines what happens to the perpetrators, with appearances by the CIA and a ghost.

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Now bear with us here, because this is the most critically-acclaimed love or hate book ever written.

What is being in your drive lack sex all about if not going on a road trip with your best friend, buying a huge bag of hallucinogenic drugs and losing your mind in Vegas?

In the dark recesses of his human experience, Frankl found what he believed to be the true meaning of life.

All things pleasurable come from Paris.

Buy On The Road.

A band of British boys are shipwrecked on an island and try to maintain order and normalcy the way governments do.

Literature at its finest.

Written as autobiographical fiction, there are no chapters or breaks within the novels to signal a place to stop and take a breath.

Or the Evening Redness in the West.