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People having sex at chruch. But I digress… Plenty of married couples have problems in their sex lives and want to talk to their pastor about rugrats having sex or have a forum about what sex means for their Christian walk.

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Sin has typically been thought of as a religious topic and that carries with it a lot of baggage.

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WOuld you still find the idea delightfully irreverent?

Sure, what THEY did was a "show" and there's nothing wrong with looking down your nose at that act but, the scenary that Gordon Heap mentioned a few posts ago where his wife wanted to do in the booty sex site of the church, I don't have a problem with that.

Church sins are sins Christians engage in all the time that frankly, no one talks about or addresses.

My point was that perhaps the outrage shown over this relatively minor event should be directed toward predatory priests and the people that allowed them to continue for years.

They were in a secluded garden located between the rectory and the church, which is next door to police headquarters.