I want to have anorexia. But, I must go to school, so I get up to take a shower and get dressed.

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Your cuts and bruises struggle to heal.

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You only get back from the program what you give to your recovery.

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Talk to someone you know you can talk to.

She makes a statement, she thinks, in the quietest way possible.

Have a reward set up for yourself when you eat right.

Seek out friends with a healthy body image and diet.

If you scored below 50, it would be wise for you to 1 seek more information about anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa and 2 contact a counselor, pastor, teacher, or physician in order to find out if you have an eating disorder and, if you do, talk about what tyrese i m the other man of assistance would be best for you.

It will be too many calories.

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When I was 13, I decided I would become anorexic.

It may not seem that serious to you now, but if you don't get help, chances are it will get worse.