Gemini woman and leo man. Are You A Match?

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Sure, when Leo's fire meets Gemini's air naughty sex texts, the flames burn brighter and passion flares, but keeping the sexual spark alive after the honeymoon stage is over could be a little challenging.

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They will both want to experiment, have sexual encounters outdoors and will enjoy being sex vista.

The Gemini just has to be careful not to insult or mock her man.

Gemini Woman April 18th,

Both of them are open and eager to make new friends, so it will be like a master of social skills meets with another of his kind.

When they are not hosting parties in their home, they will be going out to be with other people.

If Leo feels right in intimate relations with their Gemini, as a fixed sign sex party wristbands will give them stability and a chance to last together for a very long time.

Gemini Woman Leo Man Compatibility.

Sorry for rabbling, guess thats my gemini, talkative nature.