Free phone number for whatsapp. Nice one Codyview,but how do we know that you are not a scammer too?

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Among the most used super-handy computers mobile phones that we all frequently carry around is found a downloadable app known as WhatsApp.

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Type the temporary phone number that you have copied from the app and click on continue.

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If WhatsApp feels any suspicious activity from the account, they will go for further verification which leads to a permanent ban for the account.

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Own your number, if you want to continue using it on WhatsApp.

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After that, sign up for a new account.

It can be used for any form of verification without limit; be it your international calls, blocked numbers, conference calls, MMS, voicemailsSMS, and other communication.

It simply transmits multimedia or voice notes through the internet.

In my case I have selected New York and the zip code

Note it down and put it in your WhatsApp.