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Chlamydia is caused by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis and is typically transmitted through sexual contact with someone who has the infection.

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Placing an ice pack outside your underwear to soothe your vulva for minutes at a time is your best bet, as well as giving it time.

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Anyone with a sexual partner who has recently received an STD diagnosis should also consider seeing a doctor.

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How to relieve your burning sensation after sex There are a few effective options to help relieve your horrible burning sensation after sex.

This is just another friendly reminder about how important foreplay is to the female anatomy.

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To find out if your reaction is a reaction to the seminal fluid, allergy testing may be required.

Sometimes the intercourse you're having is painful, and sometimes your vagina is sore afterward.

It's important to deduce what could be the reason behind it and, if need be, go to your doctor to discuss how to remedy the situation.