80th birthday roast jokes. Bullying Girls body-shamed by cruel bullies in vile 'Chickadees' Instagram chat group.

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You know you are old when the only thing that gets hard is arteries.

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I plan to have face-lifts until my ears meet.

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I advised her that on the off chance that she has a mishap, the daily papers would print her age.

Best Jokes You know you are old when you realize old age doesn't last that long.

Go for the good stuff.

I remember these.

Statistical studies prove that at the age of 80, there are four females for every male.

When they came to the par four 18th, she and the pro were all even.

You want everyone to have fun, you want to make sure that as you deliver your speech, there are a few jokes in there that are suitable for everyone, but just how do you icarly star nude it?

Heck, the jokes and humorous quotes on this page might even make you laugh your "years" off.

It only took you 80 years to look so good, so happy and so young.